Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Just like rainy season, but with stronger winds

It seems typhoon season is getting underway. We're currently being brushed by typhoon #7, so it's gray and rainy. It was also somewhat cooler than usual, so I took the opportunity to sew.

I'm making a yukata for wednesday_10_00 out of this bunny fabric she picked out so that she will have one that (hopefully ^_^;) fits better than standard Japanese sizes.

I started off, as usual, by making a collossal blunder. I accidentally cut the body panel in half at the shoulders. ~_~ Ah, well, at least the damage wasn't irreparable. I sewed the pieces back together where I cut them, and luckily I noticed the error before I did the same thing to the sleeves. It will have an extra seam at the shoulders, but hopefully no one will notice.

Aside from that, I managed to plod along fairly well. I probably would have made more progress if it weren't for the perfectionist in me saying, "No! That's two millimeters off! I have to measure again..." So far I've finished the sleeves. I'm hoping to get a lot of the body done tomorrow.

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