Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The final frontier

I went outside onto my balcony for the first time. I figured it was about time to wash the blanket on my couch, but I knew it wouldn't ever get dry in my dryer--if I could even manage to stuff it inside--so I decided to clear off the balcony to hang it outside.

Let my start out by saying that I generally avoid going out on balconies. Mainly because, from my experience, they have lots of bugs on them. When I lived in Niigata, I only went out on the balcony when I absolutely had to to adjust the satellite receiver. I hoped that this time it wouldn't be too bad.

I'll tell you what. A bucket full of wooden clothespins that has been collecting typhoon-season rainwater for a month can be a scary thing. The water had turned so dark from the rusted hinges that I nearly couldn't bring myself to touch it for fear of what might be hiding in there.

Among my other discoveries were several pots of dried-up potting soil and a dead cicada. Oh, joy.
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