Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

School's out!

Today was my last day at school until the two-day summer workshop. The students had a big assembly, during which those who had made achievements in sports or various qualification tests were congratulated and given certificates. There were also speeches from the exchange students, both those returning from the States and those who will be going starting in the fall.

This was followed by a half-hour lecture, complete with handout, about Why Makeup Is Bad and The Evils of Earrings.

On my desk was a copy of a rough draft of a report concerning the things in the English department that will be retained by Ritsumeikan when they take over the school. The first item on the list was "ALTの確保" (securing the ALT). That sounds to me as if Ritsumeikan wants to keep my position intact. I haven't been offered an extention on my contract yet...and there's no guarantee that they'll want to keep me in the position...but it's promising.

I also got the list of students who signed up for my solo class for second semester. At this point, there's a total of four students, one of whom is a repeater from first semester.

Then the vice-principal brought me another sack of vegetables from the superintendent. (Perhaps he felt guilty after the dinner last night...?)
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