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Birthday Bunny Banquet Weekend

Monday was a national holiday. We spent the morning leisurely, recovering from our trip to the Expo, until wednesday_10_00 finished Harry Potter. By that time it was about noon. We decided to take a shopping trip to Kyoto.

The large Gion Festival had just ended on Sunday, so the city wasn't as crowded as it would have been if we had gone earlier. We went to the Teramachi shopping area with two main goals in mind--wednesday_10_00 had to get a new wheeled case, since the wheels on the one she had brought with her got torn up, and she wanted to pick out some fabric for a yukata to wear at a summer festival in Chiba.

(Picture at right: Colonel Sanders, wearing a yukata and enjoying a slice of watermelon.)

We wandered around looking at various shops and finally accomplished the two goals. By that time, she had to go back home so that she could catch up on her sleep before having to report to work the next day. melf42 was staying longer, so we could have remained in Kyoto for more shopping, but HP was calling. We went back to my apartment and pretty much spent the rest of that evening and then all of Tuesday reading.

I finished the book around 4 p.m. on Tuesday and promptly set about writing my speech for the dinner that night. (Yes, I procrastinate.) I managed to finish with 15 minutes to spare. I bid melf42 farewell and set off for the dinner.

Now, I had written on my reply postcard that I was vegetarian. Also, when the woman organizing the dinner came to see me for help translating the speeches, I gave her a typed list written in Japanese detailing EXACTLY what I can and can't eat. I couldn't possibly be ANY clearer. When I show up for the dinner, do you suppose there's anything I can eat?

Not a chance. In fact, it was so bad that they suggested I take the fish off the top of the sushi to eat the rice underneath. >_<

AFTER the meal started, the other people sitting at my table (my vice-principal and the superintendent) asked the hotel staff to make a salad and vegetable tempura for me.

Oh, well. Other than that, it went okay.
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