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Bunny Preview

I'm still smack in the middle of my friends' visit, but I'm taking a few minutes before they wake up to post about what we've been up to so far.

On Friday, I went in to work for half a day. The class I worried about most was the Listening class, since I KNEW they wouldn't be in any mood to do real work the last class before summer vacation. So the previous day, I had told my team teacher that perhaps showing them a movie would be in order. (This is the teacher who, at the beginning of the year, said he wanted to show Star Trek in class at some point.)

He said that he gets American TV programs on satellite, so he could bring in a video of something. He suggested Boston Public, which I've never seen (it was always on after my bedtime), though I had heard it was about a school, so that seemed like it would be relevant. Thus, I said, "Sure, sounds good."

When we started up the video for the class, it turned out that he had brought, instead, and episode of The Practice. Now, I have never seen this series either, so I don't know if all of its episodes are like this. In this particular episode, however, nearly every other line out of someone's mouth had something to do with sex. ~_~ In fact, the whole episode was centered around the murder case for a woman who had seduced a priest. I couldn't help cringing through the entire program. It was so NOT something I would have chosen to show a class of high school girls. <sigh>

Then I had the saga of trying to tape the listening portion of an exam for a makeup exam that would be given on Tuesday, which I had taken off. I brought in the tape, and I borrowed a tape recorder, but I had to locate a quiet room to do the recording. I would usually use the computer lab office, but there was a class going on in the computer lab at the time. I went back to the faculty computer room, but there was a teacher using it. She suggested I go next door to the IT room...but there was a student receiving a makeup exam there. The proctor for that student said I should try the library. That seemed a decent idea, so I went there. The library was empty except for me and the librarian...who was printing out what must have been the ENTIRE card catalogue on the loudest dot-matrix printer I had ever heard. I sat around for ten minutes, hoping the printing would end so I could do my recording, but it just kept going.

Finally I had to track down an empty classroom. It seemed like a lot of work to read seven sentences.

At lunch break, I left to meet wednesday_10_00 at the station. We came back to my apartment, where I proceeded to read manga (which she had brought for me to see) for the remainder of the afternoon.

On Saturday, we decided to go to the all-you-can-eat Italian restaurant for lunch. We left at about 11am. When we got back, I had a delivery notice for my copy of Harry Potter, so I called up the delivery man to let him know I was home now. It finally came shortly before 3pm...which would still have been before midnight in America on the West Coast, so I didn't feel too bad about it.

melf42 arrived safely that evening, and we made Bunny Cake with Bunny Candles. It was quite the undertaking, but it turned out as cute as can be.
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