Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Kicked off the stage

Well, the English club's plans have changed again. Our plan to do a stage performance was vetoed by the committee because there are too many stage performances. (Keep in mind we were originally asked to do a stage performance.) So we're back to food.

The first idea was to make cookies. At this point I confused the heck out of them.

Me: What kind?

Students: ?

Me: My favorite to make are peanut butter cookies. There's also chocolate chip.

Students: Cookies have KINDS?

Me: Or oatmeal cookies...

Students: What's oatmeal?

Me: <by now I'm simply being evil> Or gingerbread...

Students: Just NORMAL cookies!

Me: What kind is "normal"?

Students: ...Normal cookies are normal cookies. They're just...cookies.

Anyway, in the end, they decided upon Baby Castella, a type of cake made in a takoyaki pan.

This is the cover page as it currently stands. I wound up adding flowers after all. Most of the decorations came from the Photoshop shape tools, but the camellia and rose I converted to CG from scans out of my sketchbook. This is, of course, a reduced-size/low-res looks much more impressive in the original.

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