Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Fond memories of the Dairy Store

A pair of teachers (from the program through which the current exchange student came) stopped by today to see how things are going with her. They sat down with her, her host sister, the head of the English department, and me, and we talked about various things for an hour and a half. (The meeting dragged on longer than anticipated because a fierce thunderstorm broke out and they had to wait for it to subside before walking to the train station.)

They're aware that the exchange student is very shy, but they encouraged her to do what she can to make the most of the opportunity. There were apparently 20 students in the group they're overseeing, scattered all across the prefecture, so they're having to do a lot of traveling to check up on everyone.

This particular exchange program is apparently sponsored by MSU. I found this out accidentally when one of the teachers mentioned she was from Lansing, and I commented that I had lived there while attending grad school. She was quite tickled, and started tossing out names of people and places on campus to see if I was familiar with them. She said that she always wanted to work the Dairy Store into their exchange program tour of campus, but she could never find an excuse to because it has nothing to do with Japan.

Aside from that, I only had one class today. The seniors have begun their final exams, which will continue for a week.
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