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The exchange student did a little better yesterday. She still stared at her lap a lot, but when she spoke her voice was louder.

(Perhaps the improvement was due in part to the fact that I had told her where to find the nearest bookstore. She showed up in the morning with a copy of the latest Death Note.)

One of my team teachers had to take two days off for a family emergency, which left me with a solo class each day. I'm prepping the first-year students on how to give a speech for the summer English workshop's mandatory speech contest. We've scheduled three class periods for it, and in this first lesson I performed an example of a bad speech and a good speech and had them point out what they noticed about each one. I then listed and demonstrated each of the points, emphasizing emotions, since that is the single most common weak spot. (If I can at least get them to smile when they give their speeches, that will be a considerable improvement.)

Yesterday I found a letter on my desk from the sister city friendship committee. It was inviting me to a dinner the evening of the 19th in honor of a delegation coming from Adrian, and it asked me to inform them whether I would be attending by popping the included postcard in the mail. I figured, hey, no problem...until I saw that the date they wanted me to mail it was that day. Hello? A little advance warning would be nice... <sigh> So after work I went out into the rain and sought out the nearest mailbox to send the postcard.

Then, today, on my lunch break, I got a call from the lady running the dinner. She was calling to find out if I could come. (I guess she couldn't wait one day for the postcard? Sheesh. If you want to know my answer sooner, get me the information earlier.) Of course, the reason she was anxious to know was that she wanted me to give a speech. (What a shock.) In both English and Japanese. (Surprise, surprise.) I asked what it should be about, but she just said "life in Japan...well, anything you want."


<mentally makes list of things that I would actually want to make a speech about...and crosses them all off as definitely not what she has in mind>
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