Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Hip hop...or Disney?

The English club decided that trying to do food would be too much trouble, so they went with the suggestion of a stage performance.

This pretty much boils down to either singing or dancing. They seemed to settle on dancing, and even narrowed it down further to hip-hop style dancing (which is extremely popular here at the moment). They were quite excited that I said I would dance with them, and they pronounced that the other English club teacher (a man) would simply have to dance too. They had great fun imagining that we would all wear matching skirts, even the male teacher.

Then, however, they had to try to come up with music to dance to...something that would be interesting yet not so popular that everyone else would be using it. (Recall from last year that some songs were used up to five times.) This proved to be a stumper.

After asking around various group members, they finally asked me what songs I liked, and I said I enjoyed musicals. This seemed to inspire the two most talkative girls, and they became fired up at the idea of acting out a Disney musical. They proceeded to spend the next hour debating which musical. When I left at 5, they had come to a consensus with Beauty and the Beast.

We'll see how this goes...
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