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Newsflash: I found the faculty restroom yesterday. (Yes, after working here an entire school year.) Apparently graffiti was discovered on one of the faculty toilets, so it was announced at a morning meeting that the homeroom teachers should remind the students A) not to write graffiti and B) they're not allowed in the faculty restroom. The big clue for me is that the person making the announcement pointed in the direction of the faculty restroom while speaking, so I was able to follow the trail. Turns out it's next to the guidance office, where I went my very first day here and then never returned to after that.

I also asked why the schedule is so screwy, with the seniors having their final exams 2 1/2 weeks after their midterms and the rest of the students not having finals until September. The answer is a multi-step process.
  • Most Japanese schools are on the trimester system, with terms running April-July, September-December, and January-March.
  • My school is on a semester system with terms running April-September and October-March. Thus finals are at the end of September.
  • Of course, every college and potential employer in the country expects the student applicants to be on the trimester system, and thus they require the first-term grade report along with applications due during the summer. So our seniors have to be given their final exams before summer vacation so that they will have a grade report.

    Me: That sounds like you're making extra work for yourself.

    Teacher: ^_^; <clearly wants to agree, but "that's the way things are">

    Finally, this afternoon, it was five minutes before the start of my speech class, and I was wondering if I should give the students their self-evaluations. I was handed the evaluations several weeks ago, but was only told that the students were to fill them out "near the end of the term." At a meeting a short while ago, we had determined that next week was the last class, during which the students would give their speeches in front of an audience of their classmates. So, I figured, maybe next week they would be too busy to fill out evaluations and I should do it this week.

    So I asked one of the English teachers if it was okay to have the students do the evaluations this week, and he said yes...since today was the final class.

    Me: But next week is supposed to be the last class...

    Teacher: There's no class next week.

    Me: At the meeting we decided the students would give their speeches next week.

    Teacher: The schedule was changed.

    Me: ...

    Mind you, this is five minutes before class starts--and if I hadn't thought to ask, I wouldn't have known even this much. Good communication, guys.
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