Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Feigning innocence with the best of them

Much of my class time is spent with students working in their textbooks while my team teacher and I circle the room answering questions.

Today, one of the girls had quite a few questions...completely unrelated to the lesson, but since she's one of the top students in the class, I imagine she had already finished. Anyway, I think she was asking me the meaning of random song lyrics, though I don't know that for certain. In general, song lyrics can be extremely incomprehensible, especially if they were made up by a Japanese band. (I mean, really, "true heart for mystery eyes"? What the heck?) Sometimes, though...

The student asks, "What does this mean?" and points to her paper, upon which is written the following:
jerk it out

Of course, my mind immediately dives into the gutter. After I compose myself, I say, "I'm not familiar with that as a phrase, but I can tell you what the word 'jerk' means." After I explain that it could mean either "bad, mean person" or "pull," I leave her to decide for herself what it might be in context.

...She and her friend were quite excited over the idea that it meant "pull." I don't even want to guess what they were thinking.
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