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A word about English club

Maybe it's the heat and humidity, but my second-year students were practically comatose today. If they're this sluggish in their normal class, which is usually quite chipper, then tomorrow's Listening class is going to be a nightmare. ~_~

The English club has to decide on what they want to do for the school festival in September. They voted this year to make fruit sundaes...but the verdict came back from the student council that they're not allowed to use fresh fruit, only canned fruit, for fear of food poisoning. ('s FRESH fruit. That means it's, you know, fresh. Where do they think food poisoning fits into the picture? Oh, well, them's the rules.) The student council also wishes they would do some kind of stage performance instead, but I honestly don't think that's likely to happen.

The current batch of first-year students in the English club have a lot more spirit than their predecessors. Today they begged me to play blackjack with them. I agreed and dealt out the cards...only then discovering that none of them actually knew the rules of the game. They just knew the name of it, not how to play.

After several rounds of that, they asked to switch to a new game that would be "easy but that feels like you could bet on it." I taught them king's corners, since it's reasonably similar to solitaire, which they all play on the computers. After getting the hang of it, they concluded that it was fun, but that it required a lot of thought and strategy. ^_^; If they consider king's corners to be a strategy-intensive game, it's a good thing I didn't try teaching them sheepshead...

The cutest part is that the girl who was previously translating everything I said leveled up her translation skills and started translating things I didn't even say. <g> For example...

Me: My family likes to play cards.

Student: My family likes to play cards...and I'm the best in my family.

When accused "She didn't say that!" by another student, she shot back, "She said it inside."

I was, of course, rolling around on the floor laughing. Literally.
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