Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Where's a catwalk when you need one?

Today was mostly just giving back tests and going over answers. Tomorrow will finish up the rest of that and classes will go back to normal...for almost three weeks, at which point the seniors will have final exams. (Who came up with this loony schedule?)

The sewing teacher grabbed me for a photo shoot modeling my yukata today. Unfortunately, I had my eyes shut in a number of the pictures taken with my phone. I hope the teacher's pictures turn out better.

(Oh, and see those windows in the background not covered by curtains? Yep, changed clothes right in front of them. If anyone happened to be looking in from the apartment across the street, they must have gotten quite the view.)

Oddly, toward the end of the picture-taking session, we were hit with an earthquake. I was standing in those traditional geta, the soles of which are shaped almost like a rocking chair (presumably to make it easier to walk...?), so I couldn't tell personally. However, I could hear the noise of things shaking around me.

The sewing teacher promised to catch me later for a more in-depth lesson on yukata-wearing, so she's keeping custody of the whole kit and caboodle for a while.
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