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And now a word about crime in Japan

Overall, Japan is a relatively safe country. Guns are illegal, and drugs are much less prevalent than in the US (particularly in high schools, from my experience). The police are quite capable. You don't want to go walking in the wrong neighborhood in Shinjuku at night, but hey, no big loss. It's true that incidents of serious crime are increasing in frequency, but in general they're still comparatively rare.

In one of the bulletins that gets passed around the apartment complex, there is a report of all the crimes in Moriyama. The most serious I've seen so far has been car theft (mainly cars that were parked with the keys left in them), followed by bike theft, burglary, and purse-snatching.

Then...there are the "pervert" crimes...

Whenever there's a "pervert" alert, the teachers are told about it at the morning meeting so that they can warn the girls to be careful. These "pervert" crimes mainly involve men or teenage boys taking pictures of or touching the bottoms of girls as they walk or ride their bikes to and from school. (One thing that must be kept in mind is that transportation of students to and from school by car is prohibited by school rules. The students are not allowed to drive at all, nor are parents allowed to drop them off or pick them up at school.) The two most common methods of such harrassment are 1) to fondle the girl on the train and 2) to use a bicycle/motorbike to ride up to a girl, touch her rear, and then zoom away. (One boy was recently arrested for the first method, thanks in part to the efforts of one of the girls at my school, and he admitted to fondling 12 different girls before getting caught.)

There is another type of "pervert" crime, and that is underwear theft. Most Japanese households don't have clothes dryers, so they all hang their laundry out to dry. Women who live in first floor apartments are constant victims of having their underwear stolen while it's drying. (They should know better by now than to hang underwear outside, but whatever.) In the most recent crime bulletin, there were two reports of underwear theft.

This morning when I went to school, there was a further crime report of a break-in that happened over the weekend. A 42-year-old man entered the school ground, bought a drink from the vending machine, and then proceeded on to the school gym. There he spent some time sniffing the girls' gym shoes.

Ick. X_X

He set off an alarm when he tried to get to the second floor to go in the girls' restroom, and the police arrived to arrest him. An addendum to the story is that he was found to be wearing women's underwear.

I'm guessing he was a NON-executive transvestite.
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