Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Yukata madness

During my chat session with the exchange student this morning, the topic of yukata came up, because she still needs to buy the belt for hers. She wants to take it home so her host family can help her pick out a good color. She mentioned that, the last time someone dressed her up in a yukata, she didn't think the belt they chose went with it at all. (Belts are supposed to contrast with the main color of the yukata, but this often results in quite odd combinations, from a Western perspective.)

Student: Red and blue just don't go together.

Me: Unless you're Superman.

Student: ... <struck speechless at the image>

We continued to babble for a while about Superman's Japanese Vacation, dressing him up in a yukata and having him take a dip in an onsen and challenging him to eat nattou.

Later, one of my classes was canceled, so I spent my extra free time working on hemming the collar of my yukata. I learned Yet Another Hem Stitch. (There are way more different kinds than I had previously imagined.) Now all that's left is to attach the small reinforcing collar at the back of the neck and it'll be finished. Since I have absolutely no classes Thursday and Friday due to the special sports/club event thingie, I may be able to get it done this week. (It depends on whether the home ec teacher is also free.)

Then after my last class of the day, one of the other English teachers stopped me in the hall and told me that the students in my solo workshop class said that they really enjoy it. He was quite impressed, because they are mostly (as he put it) "naughty, naughty girls." <g>
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