Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Restlessness abounds

The students were having a hard time concentrating on classes today. There will be some major club activities going on Thursday and Friday, for which most of the school day will be canceled, and the students are all focused on preparing for that. Considering how bad it was today, I don't even want to imagine what they will be like tomorrow.

They're also gearing up for mid-term exams, which will begin the week after next. So they're constantly asking "Will this be included in the mid-term?"

My second-year students are currently doing a chapter on beetles, and it talks about large beetles found in Colombia. For the first half of the students, I just said that Colombia was a country in South America on the Equator and left it at that. For the second batch of students--since there is a girl in the class whose family came from South America--I tried drawing a rough map on the board and circling Colombia.

I erased it soon afterward. Let's face it, my board-drawing skills are stick-figure level. And the snickers from several of the girls made me think that, no, I was not alone in imagining that my version of South America looked like male anatomy. @_@
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