Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Elementary, part two

The second lesson at the elementary school was with grades 4-6, and there were fewer students. I did roughly the same activities, though I made a couple changes. For example, I folded the origami sheets into ninja throwing stars, partly because they're more interesting (the kids really liked them), but mostly so they wouldn't flip the paper over and pretend that their color was white (as several boys kept doing yesterday).

Thursday, I have an hour lesson at the kindergarten. I'm told that the "rainbow" game should still be okay for them.

The vice-principal of my school called me up last night and asked me to attend a teacher's meeting at the community center tomorrow and give a short speech in Japanese. Judging by the way I babbled last time in front of the superintendant, I should probably write something up in advance.

And completely unrelated to anything, there was a murder mystery movie on TV last night set in Hikone, where I studied at JCMU for a year. It's always fun to watch TV and point out places I've been.
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