Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

They promised me a rose garden

Today was nice and sunny, so I decided to go to the Kyoto Botanical Garden to see the flowers. Boy, did I see flowers. I think I took, oh, about a bijillion pictures. In particular, the rose garden was in full bloom. I took pictures of all kinds of roses, of all colors, in all stages of bloom, from a bunch of different angles. I'm all set for reference material!

After lunch, the plan was to hit the new Kinokuniya, followed by Animate and Book Off. Well...I wound up spending WAY too much time at Kinokuniya...not to mention money. But I did get some interesting books.

I must have shocked the poor, unsuspecting Japanese customers around me when I shrieked at the following discovery: The Japanese version of Luck in the Shadows. Woo hoo! It's Seregil and Alec, drawn anime-style! It's slightly disappointing that the only illustrations are the cover, the inside flap, and the cast of characters page, but STILL.

By the time I managed to escape the clutches of Kinokuniya, it was late afternoon and I had a lot of heavy books to carry, so I cut my trip short and returned home.
Tags: sightseeing
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