Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

You've gotta be fast around here

Friday was the last day for the four student teachers that had come to my school. The student teachers only have two weeks to spend at the school--this totally amazes me, because I had a semester of "observation" for two days a week followed by another whole semester of student teaching. How on earth does two weeks prepare them for anything? None of them were in the English department, so I didn't get to observe them first-hand. It seems that they are required, at some point during the second week, to write up a lesson plan and distribute copies to the entire faculty, inviting them to attend their practice lesson. I didn't get to go watch any of them, since I always had classes, but I noticed one (in the home ec major) was all about how to make beds properly. (Wish I knew how to do that...)

In one of my English classes, we had races to see who could read the current chapter's two short paragraphs the fastest. At the end, one student volunteered to race me. I read that sucker as fast as I could...and she BEAT me. O_O I am in awe.

The English club students told me that they want to cook some sweets at the next meeting...something that can be made quickly. They thought maybe cookies. We'll see what happens.
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