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No, I don't really NEED to get into my apartment...

I was finally given my official "do you want to renew your contract?" paper to fill out today. The vice-principal took me aside to the principal's office to explain that they can only extend my contract through the end of next March. (He told me that when I asked him before. Yet he felt the need to tell me again, slowly, counting the months one by one on his fingers so I would understand. ...Then he lost count at January and had to start over. ^_^;) He explained that they don't know whether Ritsumeikan will want to hire me after that. He did, however, ask whether I would be willing to stay longer if they do agree to hire me.

I worked on my yukata for nearly an hour and got the collar folded and ready to be hemmed. (This was quite an intricate folding process, I might add.) It's only pinned in place right now, but it finally looks like it will when it's finished.

For English club today, the students grabbed me and said they wanted to play a game. (Yay! They actually expressed an interest in doing something.) One of the girls took it upon herself to translate everything I said. And I mean everything. Into the Kansai dialect. So we wound up having interludes such as:

Me: No.

Student: Sonna akan yo.

We started with charades. To make it interesting, we used both nouns (one point) and adjectives (two points). One girl picked the word "round." She started off well, making circular gestures. But when the students couldn't guess anything beyond "circle," she got more...creative. She made a circle with the thumb and index finger of one hand. She then enthusiastically shoved the index finger of her other hand through it to indicate its roundness.

I just about collapsed with convulsive laughter. It was like watching Buffy's stabby stabby motion in "Hush."

The poor students didn't have a clue what I thought was so funny.

Then, when I got door wouldn't open. I've been having problems the past couple days with my lock not wanting to open properly, but it always opened eventually. This time I spun the key entirely around, and I could hear the thunking of the lock mechanism, but the door still wouldn't open. The bolt wasn't retracting completely.

I walked back to the school and asked what I should do. The office guy grabbed a can of spray oil and came back to my apartment with me. After spraying the lock down and turning the key around a couple times, he finally got the door to open. He tested the lock, and it worked sometimes, but it continued to act strangely. He said he'll call someone to come look at it, possibly tomorrow if I have some free time.
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