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Amparo Bertram

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12:28 pm: Elementary, part one
First of all, I survived a morning with twenty-eight 1-3 graders.

The elementary school has a proper doorway with a place to change out of street shoes into guest slippers. Then we went upstairs to the multi-purpose room where our class would be. (I'm convinced that "walking up stairs in guest slippers" should be an Olympic event.) The room was huge and empty...so, of course, as soon as the kids started arriving, they immediately began running around and yelling. Some of the boys took turns pinning each other to the floor and shouting "gold medal!" (Japan is extremely proud of its judo champions.)

I didn't have a chance to confer with the teacher with experience teaching younger kids, but she had told me during the seminar last week that I should think up a couple of activities to teach the kids if there was time. I thought up three: alphabet race (shamelessly stolen from melf42), "fruit basket" played with colored sheets of origami paper instead of fruit names, and simple songs to teach.

After introductions, the lesson was turned over completely to me. An hour in, during the bathroom break, the other teacher came over and said I didn't have to worry about saving any time for her, I should just keep going. Well, not at all what I had expected, but <shrug>. Luckily, my three activities managed to fill up the time, and I was told we could do the same ones tomorrow.

Later I went out to pick up some more origami paper, since it seems to come in handy, and I thought to check my bank account. Sure enough, my first paycheck had been deposited directly into my account. Yay, I'm rich!

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