Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

A stitch in time

One of my teeth has been bothering me recently, so this morning I asked for a dentist recommendation. I went to the indicated dentist's office after work, and he took me right away. It turned out there wasn't anything wrong with the tooth I thought had a problem (he suggested I probably just need a cleaning), but he found two other small cavities in different places. He filled one today, and I'll go back a week from Saturday to take care of the other.

In other news, there was a handout on my desk today about "basic typing" in Japanese, presumably because the students are learning that at the moment. (Several of my English club students spent the whole club meeting yesterday practicing a typing tutor, though a couple of them hunted-and-pecked their way through it, one girl using only one hand the entire time.) I found on the handout that you can get the ティ combination by typing "thi," which I hadn't known. (I've always typed "texi" to get it.)

The teacher next to me likes to watch me paint in my sketchbook. She said I should paint and scan a picture she could use on New Year postcards. ^_^
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