Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Mostly a good day

It was actually cool this morning! It didn't get to sauna levels until around noon, which is a vast improvement over having to turn the air conditioner on at 9am.

After three days of pouring over my cell phone manuals, I think I've got the hang of the basics. I ordered a data cable for copying photographs to my computer, so soon I will be able to use it as a digital camera (rather than having to email tiny pictures to myself).

Friday night I watched a mystery drama about a high-ranking female police inspector trying to solve the murder of her low-ranking police officer husband. It was interesting the way she was portrayed as being incredibly intelligent and observant (she was always one step ahead of the male homicide detectives working on the central case), yet she would talk in a high-pitched girly voice and pretend to be ditzy when interacting with the men. I thought for a while that she was supposed to be a foreigner, the way she talked in a very childish way, until more private scenes showed her reverting to her low-pitched serious voice.

What really interested me, though, was the music, which sounded like a slightly techno remix of the diamond commercial music ("Palladio"). I went to the TV station's website to find out what the title and composer were, but they had already switched their info page to next week's drama. <sigh> I sent them a message asking what it was, but goodness knows if I'll ever find out. (My ulterior motive: I want it for my cell phone, if at all possible.)

Anyway, my day was going pretty well, until I stepped into the kitchen and saw a cockroach on the floor. Ick. It was upside down and clearly not feeling at its best, so it was probably poisoned somewhere by someone. Luckily, it was a tiny one, not one of the huge flying monsters we had in Georgia.
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