Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

...And did you know Japan has four seasons?

The superintendant sent me another bag of vegetables today. Luckily it's a small one. I may actually be able to finish it.

In one of my classes this morning, the students were assigned to write a letter to an (imaginary) person and explain either their family, school, city, or some aspect of Japanese culture.

Student: Japan has four seasons. Does that count as culture?

Me: ^_^;

Yes, they're REALLY proud of the four seasons here. (I suggested she write about what Japanese people DO during one of the seasons, like flower-viewing.)

I also found out that two of my team teachers will be gone this Friday, so that means two solo lessons. But I'm going to some international exchange ceremony thing next Friday, so I guess we're even.

Update: While I was going to the post office to mail mangaroo's present (a manga cover)...
I decided to take pictures of some of the flowers along the way for potential use as embroidery designs.

I wound up taking so many that I thought it would be worth putting them all together in a collage and sharing.

Tags: culture, school, sightseeing
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