Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Fire drill

Today we had a fire drill at the end of classes. There was a handout on my desk explaining the procedure and listing what things to do when the drill announcement came. What do you suppose the top items on the list were? You'd think something like "remain calm" or "file from the room in an orderly fashion" would be up there, right?

1. Turn off the lights.
2. Close the windows.

I stared at that for a while. Finally I asked the teacher next to me, "Aren't you supposed to leave the building as quickly as possible when there's a fire? Why would you go around shutting all the windows first?"

She had to ask other teachers. Apparently it's to prevent the fire from growing or spreading. She assured me that we don't have to close the windows for earthquake drills.

After the drill, the English club freshmen came over to my apartment. The upperclass students had some kind of tutoring session and couldn't come...though they told me, never fear, they'll come some other time. It was actually a good thing they couldn't make it, because with 11 students and me, my living room was packed as it was. I had a bunch of drinks ready and a carrot cake I baked yesterday. (It vanished almost instantly.) They sat around and chatted until nearly 6pm. (They would occasionally toss in an English word for appearances' sake.)

When I checked my mail, I found that the clothing store I visited over the weekend sent me a handwritten postcard. It thanked me for shopping there and "modeling" the kimono and encouraged me to continue practicing wearing Japanese traditional outfits. It also said that when my yukata is finished, I should put it on and come visit so they can see me in it.
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