Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

A steal at twice the price

Since the weather was nice this morning, I decided to bike over to Lala Port for some shopping. I stopped in the Japanese traditional clothing store to pick up a few accessories, such as a belt for my yukata. They had a bunch of their yukata rolls on sale, and I saw a bunny patterned one that I thought wednesday_10_00 would like...but probably not at a price of $100.

After I had finished making my purchases, they had me fill out a survey about my kimono preferences. Then they took out a sample roll (new design, just arrived that day) and offered to show me what it would look like on me. Well, heck, why not? They draped the roll all over me, wrapping and folding it so that it looked almost as if I were wearing a real kimono. It was quite impressive.

The store manager offered to sell it and a matching belt to me for half price. Okay, I admit I disregarded the clerks' gasps of astonishment at the offer, because that could all very well be a lame act. However, I have seen enough kimono price tags to know that the offer really was a steal. If I were in the market for a brand-new kimono, I would have jumped at it. As it is, though, I'm satisfied enough with the cheap used ones I have.

So I finally made my way out of that store and shopped around some more. Lala Port also has a shop selling sewing machines. (Wait, don't I already have one of those?) Ah, but I have recently taken notice of the ones that can do embroidery. I listened to the sales pitch for one of the top-end models the other day, and it really did look enticing...but not at a cost of $4000. On the cheaper end, though, you can get a machine plus software to design your own patterns for about $1000. That's a lot closer to my breaking point.

<sigh> Why do I always drool over such expensive things?
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