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Amparo Bertram

Hi, my name is Apple!

Today went rather well. I had my first speech class, which consists of the exchange student and six Japanese seniors. Out of the six, four of them are the ones who are always chatting the most during their other classes. (No wonder they signed up for speech...) At least I don't have to worry at all about them being too shy to speak up.

I started the class off by having each person come up with a joke name. I started with "Hi, my name is Apple." They had to continue, each choosing a word that started with the next letter of the alphabet. By using these joke names during the rest of the class, it really got them laughing and smiling as they were talking. (You can't stand up in front of class and say "Hi, my name is Finger" and NOT smile.)

I had them brainstorm all the elements that are important in a good speech. Today we practiced quick things that they could do while repeating the "my name is" phrase, such as adding emotion. First they brainstormed all the emotions they could think of, then each student would choose an emotion and say the "my name is" phrase using that emotion, while everyone else would guess what it was. They all seemed to have a good time.

At the end of class I prompted them to come up with a list of possible topic ideas to mull over. Golden Week starts on Friday, which means it will be two weeks before the speech class meets again. They have until then to decide on whatever topics they want to compose speeches about.
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