Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Party at my house!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday...belated birthday wishes to Dad!

I decided to make a carrot cake with the English club today so I could pretend it was healthy. We gathered in the home ec room and set about the task. We did okay mixing together all the ingredients...but then I ran up against the sad fact that there are no 9" X 13" baking pans in Japan. That's simply too big to fit in a Japanese oven. So we had to make do with what they had available, a couple of little round pans with removable bottoms.

First the batter leaked out of the bottoms of the cake pans. We had them on trays, though, so at least it only got the trays messy and not the oven itself. We had to turn the heat down a bit to keep the top from burning, but then they took a LONG time to finish. By the time we pulled them out of the oven, no one wanted to wait for them to cool down. So, we dumped them right out of the pan. They crumbled, of course, but hey, that doesn't make them taste any different.

The students took a couple extra pieces up to the faculty room for some of the teachers. I saw them when I went to grab my stuff to go home...eating the cake with chopsticks.

Anyway, the students debated over what they wanted to do at the next couple meetings. They spontaneously decided to come over to my apartment and have a party next Monday. I think that means I'd better clean the place again...
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