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Amparo Bertram

New beginnings

To start off, I asked my vice-principal today about my contract. He told me the following:

  • They will have a contract for me to sign, eventually. My current one doesn't end until July, so they don't feel in any hurry.

  • They don't know yet how negotiations will go with Ritsumeikan. Until further notice, my new contract will last through next year March 31st.

  • If negotiations go well and they decide to keep the Adrian ALT position, they will extend the contract through next summer.

    I had my first day of classes today, and they all went reasonably well. I was a bit dubious when I had the following planning session, though...

    Teacher: I want to use a hanko (stamp) sheet in this class. I know you're against it, but...what do you think?

    Me: <blink, blink> You know I'm against it, and you're asking me what I think? Is this some weird Japanese version of politeness? "I'm going to do it whether you like it or not, so I'm giving you a chance to pretend to agree..."? If YOU want to, go right ahead.

    The class itself went fine. In fact, there were cries of protest at the end of class when the bell rang and we had to cut off our introduction activity. (Oh, if only students protested class ending more often!) There seems to be one student in the class who's practically fluent (from her name, I'm guessing maybe one of her parents is English-speaking).

    The third year language lab class went okay (the Window on Britain class), but I can see that it will probably go the way of last year's Listening class before long. And the team teacher wasn't kidding when he said he wanted me to "mostly handle" the class. He didn't even offer to help distribute handouts. (Apparently the students don't have textbooks this time, so the entire class will be run using handouts.) I will try to do what I can to keep the students least some of them appear kind of interested in the topic (at the moment).

    In random other news, the English club members will be making a video to play at the "welcome" event for new students next Friday. (This way they don't have to get up on stage to introduce the club.) They came to see me today to let me know they have a script and to make sure I show up to read my part. I wonder what the script is about...

    It seems the construction in front of my house has finally ended. They've moved away all the large machinery. Now they just have to repave the road.
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