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I am now an official alien

I went to school this morning to teach a demonstration lesson for the middle schoolers who came to see if they would be interested in attending my high school next year. (There will be another group coming tomorrow.) In the process, I think I figured out why the shoe situation at this school is so strange, though I'll have to ask someone to be certain. The school, unlike the other schools I've been at, is built like a motel. In other words, the "hallway" that connects the classrooms is like a long balcony; it's under a roof, but one side is completely open to the elements. I guess this means that the hallway doesn't count as "indoors" in this case, so you don't have to change your shoes to walk on it.

You do, however, have to take off your shoes when entering classrooms from the hallway. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work; today I just taught my lesson in my socks, because they made me take off my shoes at the door--even though they were *indoor* shoes I had *specifically* brought so that I wouldn't have to take them off. (Maybe they couldn't tell I was wearing indoor shoes because--silly me--I was walking along the hallway in them?) I just don't get it.

Anyway, after that I was finally able to pick up my gaijin card from City Hall. With proper identification in hand, I went straight to the cell phone dealer and bought myself a new phone. It looks like this (the wine-colored one on the far right). As a thank-you gift for purchasing a new contract, they also gave me a box of barley tea (extremely popular here in the summer) and a Tinkerbell washcloth.

Now I just have to read all the documentation that comes with it. There are five booklets to go through--two manuals (one for phone services and one for email services), two guidebooks (ditto), and a magazine of downloadable games and other services.
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