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And so it begins

This morning, all the teachers were in meetings until about noon, leaving me by myself in the faculty room, and then they had even more meetings from 1-2pm. Then they all converged on the faculty room in a rush to clean off and move around their desks. The teachers' desks are arranged based on what grade they're in charge of, so if a teacher was in the first-year student cluster last year, she'll probably have to move to the second-year cluster for the coming year. The teacher who used to sit next to me moved off to regions unknown, while another of my team teachers moved to take her place.

Two of the English teachers were transferred out, to be replaced by two new teachers from elsewhere. There was probably a farewell/welcome party sometime during spring break, though I didn't hear anything about it. (I just can't imagine that there *wouldn't* be.)

Starting around 3pm, the English Department had a meeting to decide which teachers would be in charge of which classes. I mainly just sat there and listened, since my classes are decided for me. Apparently it's in my contract that I have to have 20 classes per week; the other teachers divided the total class hours among them to average about 15 hours per week apiece.

The time schedule hasn't been made yet, so I don't know what days any of these will fall on, but currently I'm signed up for:

  • 1st year oral communication, 4 hours
  • 1st year language lab, 1 hour
  • 2nd year English expression, 4 hours
  • 2nd year language lab, 2 hours
  • 3rd year English expression, 4 hours
  • 3rd year "understanding foreign culture," 3 hours
  • 3rd year language lab, 1 hour
  • 3rd year workshop "Speech and American Culture," 1 hour

    In total, I'll be working 19 hours with 5 different team teachers, plus the workshop (solo, it seems). The really bright spot in all of this is that I'll only be working with the teacher who frustrated me so much last year for one hour a week. However, the class that I turned into my fairytale class last year doesn't appear to be on the schedule, sadly enough. (If it is, it's going by a title I don't recognize.) I wonder if the teachers voted to discontinue that class at one of their other meetings. That's too bad, because it was the one class that got me really excited as well as being the one in which the students expressed that they were interested in the content.

    Other things were discontinued as well, including the English Speech Contest for middle schoolers and the English Seminar. They wanted to discontinue the two-day English Workshop during summer vacation, but they had advertised that in their PR package so they couldn't back out of it.

    If I heard correctly, there will be another departmental meeting sometime soon, probably after the time schedules are worked out.
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