Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

How many museums can you fit on the top of a mountain?

Monday was rainy, so we stayed indoors most of the day and worked on my taxes. In the afternoon we took a walk around town, visiting the Chamber of Commerce to see the painting brought over from Adrian that they have hanging on the wall. We eventually walked all the way to Lala Port to buy some groceries, though by that time most everyone was tired and we wound up taking a taxi back.

On Tuesday we headed out early in the morning to visit the Miho Museum. This entailed riding a train several stops down the line, locating the Super Secret Bus Station (there are signs pointing to it, but the arrows are all zig-zags and U-turns), and taking a bus for nearly an hour into the mountains. We spent about two hours looking at their spring exhibition, which was showcasing holy objects from all over Asia, Europe, and Egypt.

By the time we got back, everyone was too tired to go out and do anything else, so we watched videos of Japanese TV for a while. Then I kept megory and jornada202 up way past their bedtimes to dress them up in kimono acquired from the flea market.

I had to study the illustrations in the books I bought quite a long time for each step, so it got to be late at night before I finished. These two were troopers, however, enduring having me tie them up every which way. (It took me three tries before I managed to get the embroidered picture to show properly on the bow in the back.) They even manage to smile afterward, which is impressive.
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