Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Winter strikes back

Yes, unfortunately, winter has made a determined comeback. There were even snowflakes dancing in the air when I went shopping yesterday.

I did manage to clean my kitchen. Just getting the stove area washed makes the whole room look better.

I was told that there won't be any more English club meetings until April, but as soon as we start meeting again, we will have to decide on a performance for the incoming class of freshmen. (I guess each club gets a couple minutes on stage in the Civic Center to recruit new members.) The English club members (the two of them who show up at meetings) are decidedly against going up on the stage. They are trying everything they can think of to sweet-talk me into doing it alone. Yeah, as if THAT'S going to happen.

It's not as if I have anything against performing on stage. In fact, I love it. If they asked me to help them write a short skit or practice a song to sing or something, I'd jump at the chance. But the club is supposed to be student-driven, and the club members are seriously lacking any kind of drive whatsoever. I'm not about to do their job for them to recruit new members just so I can sit around in the computer lab two days a week watching while they dismiss any activity suggestions I propose and instead play Minesweeper for half an hour after school. I'd rather be reading or visiting the calligraphy club or something.

I got the chance to spend a couple hours on my yukata this morning. I nearly finished all the hemming on the front panels and bottom edge. The next step is attaching the collar.
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