Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

I had plans, I really did

I had intended to start the day by going grocery shopping and then coming back to spend the day cleaning. (Okay, I knew it probably wasn't going to happen, but I did plan on it.)

When I went out shopping, I decided that before loading up my bike with groceries, I should stop in the salon across the street and have something done with my hair. They were quite busy, so I had to wait about an hour. I spent the time flipping through their style magazines for a picture of what I wanted, in case my hairstyle vocabulary wasn't up to the task. It seems the mullet look is In for Japanese women this spring. I had to turn past pages and pages of various length mullets before I found something approximating what I wanted.

I didn't go to hair salons very often in the States, so maybe my experience just wasn't broad enough, but there were a number of things I found that were quite new to me. For one thing, they have a closet where they check all the customers' coats and purses. They also have special little rectangular boxes for glasses.

When it was time for my shampoo, the guy doing it covered my face with a white cloth. I'm used to always just closing my eyes. I guess this way the customer doesn't have to worry about the shampoo person looking up her nose...

When I asked for a similar cut back in the US, I was told, "You'd have to have your hair straightened first," with the implication that it was impossible so I should just settle for what I could get. The stylist at this salon, though, simply checked out the picture and set to work, clipping and thinning all the flippy bits until everything would lie flat or curve the way it was supposed to.

This was followed by a rinse (again with the cloth over my face), and then...a scalp and shoulder massage. I hadn't expected that. Next the shampoo guy set about drying my hair. He spent a good 15 minutes at it, brushing and styling everything one lock at a time. (There's no way I'm EVER going to give my hair that much attention. I'll just let it air dry and spend about 30 seconds brushing it before I rush out the door in the morning.) I got a last clipping from the stylist and was all ready to go.

...And then when I got outside, the weather had turned all cold and stormy. Ugh. So I biked home as fast as I could and spent most of the rest of the day convincing myself I could clean tomorrow.
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