Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Grading Party

The English teachers gathered together in a classroom to grade our section of the entrance exam. This was a very thorough process. The eight of us pushed a bunch of desks together and sat in a circle so we could discuss tricky grading nuances. (Does it matter if the capitalization is wrong? How much would you take off for a missing period?) Each problem for each student had to be graded by three different teachers to make sure we caught everything and graded fairly.

I did the two composition questions, which made my job easy, because most students left them blank. (As one of the other teachers commented: "On the one hand, it makes grading much faster, but on the other, it means more work later because the students can't do this yet.") After that, the points had to be tallied separately by three different teachers to make sure there weren't any addition errors. Finally, we had to fill out forms detailing, from a random sample of papers, what percentage of the students got right answers, wrong answers, or left them blank, *and* we had to provide sample wrong answers, all for each question.

This took up most of the morning. It was a rough test. I think the highest grade out of the whole bunch was 76.

The peanut butter cookies were appreciated, though.
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