Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

If you stay in Japan long enough...

I've been invited...or, rather, participate in an International Festival next weekend, so I went to a luncheon today to hash out the details. Three exchange students from Hawaii and one other ALT will also be participating. During the lunch, we were told we'd each be interviewed on stage for about five minutes, and we should think of what we would want to tell the people of Moriyama. So far, so good.

During the conversation, I mentioned that this is my fourth year living in Japan. One of the women present felt moved to comment upon this.

Woman: Oh, that must be why...

Me: <expecting> ...your Japanese is so good.

Woman: look Japanese.

Me: ...?

Woman: Or maybe I should say, you have the kind of face Japanese men like.

Me: ...? <thinks> You mean...foreign?

In any case, apparently the longer you stay in Japan, the more Japanese (or closer to the Japanese ideal) you look. I see.

Finally our interviewer left, and I thought the luncheon was over. But, no, another woman came in to take her place. It seems she was late because she accidentally took the wrong train. So she started out with, "Have you talked about the game?"

Us: ...Game?

It turns out that not only do they want to interview us, they want us to lead a half-hour game afterward. Great. (Of course, when I was invited to attend, I was assured, "You only have to show up, you don't have to do anything." Right. That's the last time I'll believe *that* one.)
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