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Thursday I sat in on a faculty meeting for the first time. Technically, it was a meeting of just the English department to discuss the goals for the next school year. The main topic over which they were divided was how to split up the incoming students. The 40 freshmen are divided into two groups; this past year they were divided based on ability. Some of the teachers liked this, because it meant their high achievers weren't held back by slower classmates...but other teachers disliked it because their low achievers didn't have anyone to keep pulling the class ahead, and thus didn't make much progress. ^_^; It was suggested that perhaps the students should be split randomly instead.

Friday I started grading the last class assignment before exams start. The students were assigned to write about a movie, describing it and explaining why they would recommend watching it. One of the students asked me to check over her paper, saying, "Do you know the movie Love Song for an Angel?"

I had never heard of such a movie before, so I started to apologize...until I looked farther down and read her description of the plot, in which a group of sisters is taught how to sing. Yes, the movie was in fact Sister Act, it was simply known under a completely different title in Japan. It's quite interesting to see how titles are changed to suit the audience.
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