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Start the day off right

I got to school this morning to be greeted by a blackout. This meant that A) the stoves didn't work and B) the bell wouldn't ring. The teachers started to worry, but luckily the electricity came back after a few minutes.

One thing I find interesting about Japanese schools is that salespeople come in and out of the faculty room all the time. Today a travel agent came in and left flyers on all the desks. This particular flyer was about taking a trip to Hokkaido and eating lots of crab (which is pretty much the most important thing on Japanese tourists' agendas when they visit Hokkaido). Hokkaido, which has much more open space for fields than the rest of the country, is also famous for lavender, potatoes, and dairy cows. I commented to the teacher next to me that if the travel agency ever came up with a "Hokkaido Potato and Ice Cream Tour" I would be first in line.

She didn't believe me at first when I told her I majored in potatoes in college. Boy, did she get an earful.

I only had one class, so I spent the rest of the day uneventfully. Just before I went home, while most of the teachers were gone for meetings, I was left alone with the vice-principal. He told me that our principal would be retiring at the end of March, and that he himself might be transferred. (Japanese teachers get their transfer notices at the end of March. I'm told that new teachers are automatically transferred to somewhere else in the prefecture every three years until they rack up at least six years of experience. They get about one week over spring break--between school years--to move to their new school.)

He also sympathized with me for having to teach so many different classes. At his last school, it was so large that the ALT would teach practically the exact same lesson eleven times a week, so there was far less planning to do. (...Personally, I think I'd go a little crazy if I had to do the same lesson eleven times in a row...)
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