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We will soon be overrun

I should never browse in the craft section of the bookstore. I simply can't restrain myself. This time I came upon a book about Japanese color coordination. (In other words, what colors are considered to go well together from the traditional Japanese perspective.) I tried to resist...but then I flipped through it, and, well...

(Secret message for wednesday_10_00: What color are Sidney's eyes?)

I also picked up another book about things to make in the rice cooker. Yeah, sure, I already have one such book, and I have only actually used it once. But there were pictures of cheesecake...and brownies...and the biggest darn pudding I've ever seen.

Today was reasonably uneventful...except for the same teacher moving class from the seminar room to the language lab without telling me. This, I know, was purely his idea. I think he feels like the language lab is his personal territory, so he likes to have class there whenever it's not being used by other teachers. If you ask me, it is incredibly distracting. The students come in and sit in front of computers fully equipped with solitaire, minesweeper, and all kinds of other things they'd rather be playing than listening to English. Not only that, the computers block my view of the students, and their view of each other, as opposed to the seminar room where they all sit at tables arranged in a large rectangle and are facing each other. The only benefit is that the language lab has a whiteboard, so I don't get chalk dust all over my fingers.

And...I got another sack of vegetables. I didn't check, but I can tell there are at least two more ginormous heads of lettuce, and probably another daikon. I could barely carry the thing back to my apartment.

Today we had a shortened schedule so the afternoon could be spent cleaning. Tomorrow a new batch of middle school students arrives to take the entrance exam. (Our students get the morning off, though it doesn't affect me because I no longer have any morning classes on Tuesdays.) We were warned by the vice-principal to avoid having any contact with anyone outside the school while the test is taking don't call me tomorrow morning. ^_~
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