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Cute cute cute!

I got the sweetest letter today from one of my third-year students--the one who gave the awesome performance as her final speech. (Today was the seniors' last day.)

I received your advice card last Thursday [I gave a card with feedback to each of the students who gave speeches], and I'm proud of having been highly praised for the speech. Thank you very much! But it was a sheer imitation of you, 安晴先生! I tried hard speaking loudly and smiling.

It was long but short for me that you and 山田先生 taught us English. I really like your lessons, because I can relax to study, for you're always smiling and enthusiastic! Thank you for everything: checking my English compositions, talking with me in English, telling me about the Star Trek and so on.

I miss you, 安晴先生. Please take care of yourself and make great progress with your Japanese! You passed the exam, didn't you? I know you're really smart :)! I'm looking forward to reading your book published. May you be very happy! and I will! XD

Most of the rest of the time I spent grading the seniors' exams for a couple classes. I was really impressed by the thoughtfulness of some of the answers to the fairytale class essay questions. One of them asked the students to explain their thoughts about the moral of "Rapunzel," and that turned up a number of different opinions. Some said "You must always keep a promise" and some said "Love will always win in the end," but the one that caught my attention most was "In order to get something, you have to give up something."

Another essay question asked, "If you were a prince, which girl would you rather marry: Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, or Sleeping Beauty? Why?" Almost everyone chose Cinderella, though the reasons varied. Several mentioned that it was because she's good at housework, but a couple said it was because they wanted to help her get away from the mean stepsisters. One person chose Snow White..."because she's stupid" and needs to be cared for. <giggle>
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