Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

I could get used to this free time thing

I didn't do much of note yesterday, aside from reading through a catalogue and drooling over the bookshelves made especially for holding manga.

Today I worked some more on my yukata and finished the body. Now I've started on the collar, a job that begins with hemming long stretches of fabric by hand. ^_^; The instructor tried to get me to use a really long needle (on the premise that I could take more stitches at once that way), but I had to explain to her that once my hands start sweating (as they do almost instantly) it's incredibly difficult to pull a long needle through the fabric because it keeps slipping out of my fingers. Or, rather, my fingers slip off of it, while it remains stubbornly where it is.

After work I went to the store to buy headphones for my laptop so I can take it to work and play around on various projects without bothering the people around me. I have to say that my bike rides *so* much more smoothly now that it's fixed.
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