Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

I'm off!

I'll be heading for the airport today in just a few hours. I'm mostly packed, except for the cheese, which I will try to put in my carryon since my two large suitcases are full. (Darn weight limit.) I had to take out about 12 pounds of reference books that I was planning on hauling with me, since they were too heavy. As it is, both of my suitcases are around 67-68 pounds, by my parents' scale, so I'm cutting it close. My parents will probably mail the books to me later, so it's not a huge deal.

I stayed up *way* past my bedtime last night watching Return of the King, which I hadn't seen at the theater because I didn't want to pay Japanese ticket prices (average $18) to watch it. It was a lot of fun. May I just say how much I love elves? ...Except for that one moment when Aragorn was describing his plan for like five minutes, and Legolas finally said, "You mean...a distraction?" Not too quick on the uptake there, but still very pretty. (Why can't I have an elf for my very own? I think I deserve one. I really do.)

In other news, I discovered they make crochet hooks with a hook on each end, and you work through loops held on the hook as if you were knitting, switching from one side to the other to zigzag back and forth. Of course, this means I had to buy a couple to try it out. Yes, I'm thinking of as many ways as possible to fill up the time until school starts.
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