Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

One day more...

I was really sleepy all day. It's hard to lead a class in repeating vocabulary words when you're straining to keep your eyes open. I think I managed to pull it off, though. I got my energy back after lunch when I played "Agony: Reprise" for my fairytale class and showed them how to take apart un- (stem) -able words, which they really got a kick out of. It was neat to watch how excited they got when they realized they could take a word that at first looked long and difficult and pick it apart to find a very simple meaning.

For one of my other senior classes, they're giving speeches instead of having a final exam. They had to turn their speeches in today for me to correct...and since they will have to start giving the speeches on Monday, I had to correct them in a hurry as soon as classes ended so they could pick them up to start trying to memorize them over the weekend. During class, I gave them tips on good speechmaking and had each one stand up to say a few lines, so I could give them advice on volume, expression, and other related aspects. They *totally* didn't want to do it--they kept insisting, "We don't need to practice. All that counts is the real thing. We'll just do it right the first time when we give our speeches next week." Uh huh. I believe that. @_@ I made them practice anyway.

After I got home, I was ready to fall asleep by about 7pm, but I made myself stay up a bit longer (since I knew, otherwise, I'd be wide awake by 4 in the morning.) It was a good thing I did, because at about 7:15 I got a phone call from the delivery guys saying they were ready to bring over my bookshelf. Yay! It's now sitting in my hallway, waiting for me to have enough time to assemble it.
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