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Amparo Bertram

More yukata progress

We had some snow flurries today, off and on, though not enough to stay on the ground long (thank goodness). It's strange to be hit in the face with snow while walking between the faculty room and the classroom. (Why, oh, why did they make this building with hallways exposed to the outside?) In my Niigata schools, the hallways were unheated, and that was bad enough, but at least they protected you somewhat from the elements.

After my classes, I worked a bit more on my yukata. This time I marked the body panels. The exciting part is, the teacher gave me my own copy of the guidebook she's using, which really helps explain things well. I'm hoping to get a chance to update my yukata page this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I agreed to attend a party being held by?for? the city's International Exchange group. I was called up today in regard to this event.

Person on phone: Amparo-sensei?
Me: Yes.
Person on phone: Will you take a call from someone at the Board of Education?
Me: Sure.
<waits for a while, but nothing happens>
<starts flipping through random textbook, still holding silent phone>
...time passes...
Person from BoE: Amparo-sensei?
Me: <finally> Yes?
Person from BoE: Were you waiting all this time?
Me: Yes.
Person from BoE: So was I. I didn't hear anyone on the other end, so...
Me: ...
<thinks, *You* called *me* for crying out loud!>

Anyway, they thoughtfully asked about what I could eat, knowing I'm vegetarian. The planned meal will consist of sushi, so I quickly named off several kinds of sushi that I can eat. (I was then asked if I could eat fish sushi. <No.> Not even cooked fish? <No, not even cooked fish.> Can you eat soup with fish? <No.> So, just vegetable soup, then? <Now you've got the idea.>)
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