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Back to work...

I had my first real day of classes yesterday. It started out rather well...but then I had the Listening class. Fully eight (out of 25) students showed up without their textbooks. (Well, technically there were about three others who didn't have them either, but they intended to spend the whole class chatting or adjusting makeup anyway so they didn't care.) They waited until the teacher had finished taking attendance and was ready to start the lesson before admitting this and asking to go back to their classroom to fetch the books. I watched through the window (the language lab is on the same floor as their classroom, and I have a clear view down most of the hall) as they strolled leisurely to the classroom...some of them ducking down to crawl on the floor as they went.

I'm not sure why they did this. Were they simply trying to hide behind the guard wall so I (or someone else?) couldn't see them? What would be the point of that? It's not as though they were skipping class...well, technically they were holding up class, but they had the teacher's permission. And since the hallway is outdoors, it just meant they were crawling along a freezing concrete floor and prolonging their time exposed to the cold and the wind. <shakes head> I don't get it.

The classes involving seniors are scrambling to organize the final lessons. The seniors only have two more weeks of classes before their final exams, and then they won't have to attend school until graduation in March. Most classes only meet twice a week, so it's suddenly dawning on the teachers, "We only have four more lessons!"
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