Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

It finally happened...

Yes, it took half a year, but I finally filled up my bookshelf. This left me with two choices: 1) throw away more of the books left by my predecessors, which have already been weeded down mainly to Japanese language learning books, or 2) buy a new bookshelf. If I were really cramped for space, I would probably resort to tossing the books I don't use, but as it is I still have room for more shelving. Thus, I tidied up the recyclables that have been piling up in my craft room to clear a spot for a new bookshelf.

I went to the store and picked the most suitable bookshelf they had on display...but it turned out they didn't have any more left in stock. <grumble> So I didn't get it today, I had to order it. But they'll deliver it whenever they get it in. (I could probably have gone to a different store to find one, but that would have meant another trip out in the cold, and I'm wimpy that way.)
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