Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Whoa, Christmas is closer than I thought

Saturday I mailed out all my postcards. This took a while, because first I had to buy stamps to stick on all of them. I also had to put little "airmail" stickers on them...I guess so the post office can tell them apart from all those postcards that people send sea mail? (I mean, it's a postcard for crying out loud, isn't that the whole point?) While I was hanging out at the little table putting on my stamps and stickers, I overheard quite a few people coming in and asking to send things overseas express delivery. They did not seem pleased that the regular rate would take about a week to arrive. Here I am, accustomed to sending things ship rate and waiting six to eight weeks for them to arrive, dazedly musing...Well, duh, you're sending it to the opposite side of the *planet*, of course it's going to take a week. That's FAST as far as I'm concerned.

It was only after three people or so had gone through the same routine that it struck me they were trying to get packages to arrive before Christmas.

Then it struck me that Christmas is really that close. (Yeah, I'm quick.)

After I got home, I worked a bit on cleaning. In Japan, they don't have "spring cleaning," they have a tradition called "big cleaning" instead. "Big cleaning" happens at the end of the year so that one can start the new year with a fresh, clean house. I started by scrubbing down the bath. There I found, to my shock and bewilderment, a rusty, threaded needle on the floor. I don't know how it got there or how long it had been there, but I'm glad I never stepped on it.

Today I cleaned out the living room. I also worked a little on Jenn's, New Year's present. I got as far as tracing out the pattern, so I'll be ready to start working on it during my next stretch of free time. If I manage to do it right, it should knock your socks off.

I then decided to tackle the lettuce. As one would expect from organic produce, it had its fair share of hitchhikers attached. After I pulled off the chewed up outer leaves and picked off a couple of slugs, however, the inside was okay...and still enormous. I put a few leaves into vegetable soup for supper, and that turned out all right. I'll have to work on thinking of what else I can do with it.
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