Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Flowers and furnishings

I had a rather productive weekend, even though it was only Saturday. My parents drove me up to Richmond to listen to the plant dye talk, after which I bought a bunch of plants for my yard, including a passion fruit vine, a hibiscus, a sunflower, and a couple of hollyhocks. Despite how crowded my yard already is, I managed to squeeze all the new acquisitions into nooks and crannies.

The peas are finally starting to mature, so we'll have a few of those to eat over the next couple weeks. The blackberries are in full bloom right now, and my bees seem to be happy with the abundance of flowers.

The plumbing for my new bathroom is all hooked up, so it's technically functional. I had someone come on Monday to measure for the shower glass. Once that and the custom door arrive, it will be complete. My dad is now hard at work fixing up the rest of the bedroom. Once he gets the new floor done, I should be able to move back in.

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