Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Having it all on tap

Sunday I planted all of my recent nursery purchases. I also got the seeds planted for my summer vegetable crops. A few of my fruit trees are beginning to flower now that the weather is warming slightly, and the asparagus is just starting to sprout.

Monday I went to a bath supply store to order a sink and other fixtures for my bathroom remodel project. It took nearly an hour to find a faucet that fit the design and came in a single-hole vessel sink model with a finish of the right color. It's rather frustrating how narrow that category is. I would find a good design, but then discover it didn't come tall enough for a vessel sink. I'd find a vessel sink faucet, but then learn it only came in a three-hole model. Or I'd find one the right design and model, only to be told it was available solely in chrome. In the end, I wound up picking a shower head and then back-tracking to get the faucet that matched it (which the shop didn't have on display and had to look up online).

I did run into a setback when the plumber recommended by the contractor I'm considering declined the job because it's too large; I guess he only does minor repair work and not full remodels. I'm going to have to wait until next weekend to have more people look at the project and give me estimates.

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