Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Filling in the gaps

I keep wanting to wait until I've finished my trip report before adding new current updates, but then I keep not doing the trip report. My computer with all the image editing software is in my bedroom, which has two enormous leaky windows, making it uncomfortably cold to stay in during the winter. I keep the door shut so I don't waste money trying to heat it, and then I never want to go in there if I don't have to, so I end up postponing working on the trip report until "later"...

In any case, days continue passing without updates, so I thought I'd get caught up. Not that there's much to catch up. There isn't much happening in the garden this time of year. The biggest piece of news is that my job instituted a new 5am shift, so when I'm on that shift, I have to leave home at around 4am to catch the bus to get there on time. I would put the dogs out in the yard before leaving, but then the neighbors complained about them barking so early in the morning. I ended up buying a large shed for the back patio that I could use as a dog house with a door that I could use for closing the dogs inside when I have to leave early. Until the shed was assembled, I kept the dogs shut in the bathroom while I was away at work, and that seemed to do the trick reasonably well.

My parents arrived on January 4 for an extended visit. They've already been doing a lot around the house and yard, cleaning and assembling the shed and pruning plants in the garden, as well as helping me get a lot of my board game collection played. The dogs love having company during the day.

I've been trying to find a contractor to take on a project to add a shower to the half bath in my master bedroom. The first contractor gave me a good estimate, but when I arranged a meeting to finalize plans for the project, he told me that he talked with his bathroom crew and they didn't want to work in my area. @_@ I've been trying to find someone else since then, but either they say they'll give an estimate but never do, or they give an estimate that's ridiculously high, or they disagree with my design decisions. I've tried calling the contractor who did my kitchen, but he has become relatively famous since appearing on HGTV, and he moved his business north to Sacramento. He said he'd refer me to his former foreman, so I'm crossing my fingers that will work out.

That's pretty much the extent of the news around here.

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